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From bees to nature to you

Beesline is a natural cosmetics lab that uses the ancient science of Apitherapy (bee therapy) and its rich resources: Honey, Beeswax, Royal Jelly, Propolis, combined with fresh botanical extracts, to safely and effectively take care of your skin.

We provide consumers with a powerful alternative to chemical cosmetics whose long-term toxic impact on the skin and the human body can be detrimental.

How we do it

All Natural

Because what you feed your skin your body absorbs, we aim to nurture your wellbeing outside-in. This is why our products are nature-based: free from additives, artificial coloring and fragrances, and products of animal origin besides beehive ingredients. We're also free from harsh materials like paraben, silicone, paraffin, petroleum, and more.

Freshly made

Fresh ingredients are more powerful and effective. This is why we extract our raw materials right before mixing them into products, that are naturally preserved thanks to one of the many properties of bee by-products.

Vegetable oils and natural waxes make our products bioavailable, better absorbed, and most effective by transferring the benefits of the active ingredients to your skin.


Through R&D we carefully combine nature's richest resources to deliver unique and poweful high-quality products. Our formulas are tested in-house as well as through a third-party lab, ApiFRANCE, to certify our safety and efficacy claims.


Beesline strives to reduce the impact of its operation on people, animals and the environment, and invest in creating awareness for all its stakeholders. Our products are cruelty-free and our supply chain is committed to the relentless pursuit of sustainably sourced raw material.

The story behind beesline

Mohamad Arayssi &
Maha Arayssi Rifai

It all began when a recent chemistry graduate promised his mother, who got an allergic reaction after using an expensive facial cream, that he would create a cream for her; one that was all-natural safe and hypo-allergenic. He just needed to find the key ingredient.

“Bees are nature’s perfect pharmacists!”

The young man sought the advice of his older sister who had a PhD in Pharmacology. She knew about the tremendous benefits of bee by-products on human health and how extremely friendly they are to sensitive skin. Two years later, the resulting success amongst dermatologists and their patients led the two founders to turn their passion into purpose: making natural, safe and healthy skin care solutions accessible to everyone.

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